The dream in Daniel 4 concludes by shifting the focus from discussions of earthly kings to the coming true (and divine) King.

Indeed, the dream ultimately teaches us that God is going to establish His Son’s kingdom on earth and this kingdom will be greater than every earthly kingdom that has ever existed and in every way.

No matter who our president is, we can find great hope in knowing that God Almighty gave all earthly and heavenly authority to His Son. Daniel 4:17 is the clue; it is the connection.

However, Christ’s kingdom starts off much differently than Nebuchadnezzar’s.

Though Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom began as a large tree, the kingdom of God’s Son started as a small garden seed. We can see this if we jump ahead to Mark 4:30-32. Here it is no accident that Jesus refers to His kingdom, to God’s kingdom in this parable. For indeed, Jesus’ kingdom began small. Jesus was certainly the lowliest of men who ever lived. He was born over 600 years after Nebuchadnezzar assumed power. Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, was not born in a palace. Rather, He was born in a stable outside the obscure village of Bethlehem. He was born in the company of donkeys.

Moreover, Jesus of Nazareth did not grow up learning diplomacy and economics. Rather, He was taught manual labor as a carpenter. Thus, when Jesus began His public ministry, the socially powerful did not regard Him highly; He was not welcomed by the elites. Instead, He was trapped and condemned to death as a criminal, and as Jesus died, He died not in the comfort of a royal bed at an old age, but naked on a cross abandoned by all. Jesus was certainly the lowliest of men. His kingdom started out small.

Yet, it was precisely because of Jesus’ humility and obedience that God the Father gave Him all authority in heaven and on earth.

Jesus has been enthroned in heaven and He was given the name above every name. While it started out small, Jesus’ kingdom has spanned the world. It contains people from every continent, and it will one day contain people from every tribe and tongue (cf. Revelation 5:9-12). The Lamb, the Lord Jesus, our King is on the throne. He reigns! God has established His Son’s kingdom, and that is good news. Jesus, our Savior, is Lord over all. Amen?

Brothers and sisters, no matter how you feel about our president, be encouraged knowing that your Savior, Jesus, is King over all.

He is your King; He is your true President. That will never change. You belong to His kingdom, and there will be a day when His kingdom replaces all earthly kingdoms. Brothers and sisters, we need not worry what happens this week with President Trump or next week or next year. Our God is sovereign. He raises governments and kingdoms. He takes away kingdoms and governments, and thanks be to God that His Son, Jesus, is the true King!

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