Our book is almost here! It most likely will “hit the shelves” tomorrow. The excitement in the Reyes household has been bubbling now for some time and we feel like we are about to burst with joy that this project is coming to a completion. As soon as we hear final confirmation that all is up and running, we will let you know.

In the meantime, we want to give you one more sneak peak at the book. This week, we want to show you samples from Ch. 9 “Foot Washing: Watery Foreshadows in John 13:1-17″. In this passage, we want to add another dimension of analysis to the image of water in the Gospel of John. For here, water functions neither as a symbol nor a metaphor, but as a foreshadow. That is, in this scene where Jesus washes His disciples’ feet, the water that He uses is not a rhetorical device (in the case of metaphors) to comparatively represent some other specific thing or concept. Nor is it symbolic of some broader concept like Judaism or the cleansings of sins. Rather, in John 13, the act of foot washing is a direct foreshadow of another similar activity to occur in the future. In fact, that is basically what the definition of a foreshadow is: a warning or indication of some future event.

It is important to understand what is really going on in this foot-washing scene so that we can appropriately apply its theological truths to our life. Christians do regularly engage in this activity, sometimes even at weddings, but we fear that they may not be conducting this activity as Jesus intended. There is a general tendency for believers today to take things out of context or read things in the Bible at face value, and the grave consequence of this inadequate reading of Scripture is that believers end up living out a false theology. So, join us this week as we get to the heart of the act of foot washing in John 13:1-17, the meaning of water in this scene, and its relevance for us today.

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