If Christ is the example par excellence for how to suffer well, Paul then offers himself up as a second model in 2 Timothy 2:9. This may at first sound arrogant, but if you look at Paul’s life, you may understand a bit more of where he is coming from. In fact, at the time Paul is writing this letter to Timothy, he is currently suffering! He is in prison for Christ. He is bound like a criminal. But, though he is in prison, the word of God continues. How amazing is that.

This is an important thing for us, as believers, to remember: even though we suffer, God’s word increases. More importantly, God still gets the glory. Furthermore, as verse 10 says, because of Paul’s suffering, glory comes to the elect. Did you catch that? Paul endures through all tribulations so that God’s people may obtain glorious and eternal salvation. So, by suffering, others get glory.

Therefore, when we suffer, it is not in vain. We persevere so that others might obtain salvation. We endure so that others might receive eternal glory in God’s presence. By enduring for people’s faith, people will experience the glory of God’s presence. Glory will come because of our suffering.

So, Christian, brother and sister, your suffering has purpose. For this reason: persevere through any and everything that comes your way. Glory will come.

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