Now that we have established the identity of the King, let us turn to what He will do. This is the bulk of Isaiah 11: 3–4.

The promised King will live with the fear of God always before Him  (verse 3) That is, everything He does will be directed by the fear of the LORD and, as a result, He will not judge by what He merely sees or hears. Isn’t that amazing? Every human ruler, in fact every human, is biased; he or she, no matter how hard they try to be fair, still has preferences and favorites. The result is that people inevitably make decisions that are subjective and often unfair. But not this King. He is not swayed by personal opinion. He is not run by His emotions or caught up in His own intellect. No, He is full of counsel and wisdom. This means that He has an ultimate, holy and perfect rubric from which to rule and from it He will never stray. This objective perspective will ensure that, at the very least, He seeks out justice in every situation.

Moreover, this King will care for the vulnerable (verse 4a-b). He will devote Himself to the cause of the poor. He will make sure that the afflicted and oppressed are cared for. This King will not neglect them nor will He overlook them. Their problems are not too small for Him. No, His concern is for them as much as it is for everyone else. In other words, the concerns of the weakest will be safe with this King. What a remarkable Ruler!

We do not know of many kings, presidents, and rulers in history that have done this. Most, if not all rulers have cared for themselves and for people who will benefit them. Yet, this promised King will not focus on Himself; no, His focus is on serving others and He will do this because the Spirit of Yahweh is upon Him. The King, indeed, will care for the vulnerable.

Furthermore, this King will execute justice against the wicked (verse 4c-d). This King is also a King that does not tolerate evil and injustice. He will bring His fierce judgments upon evildoers and upon those who do injustices. In other words, He will strike those who deny God and God’s ways and His weapon will be His own mouth. This King will not need swords and bow and arrows. He will not need machine guns, grenades, or tanks. No, all that this King needs are His words. He just needs to speak and His enemies die.

By portraying the King in this manner, Isaiah insinuates that this King is of God. You see, back in Genesis 1, God spoke creation into existence. In the same way, this King, who is of God, speaks and life dissolves. This King has the same life-giving power as God, but in this instance, He speaks and takes life away (we also talked about the sword-like nature of God’s words in earlier post from the psalms).

Lest we shy away from this image, let us return to our discussion from yesterday that the world needs this type of King. Without Him, sin and injustices would continue to fill the world with their ruin. The world needs a king that eradicates evil and sin. The world needs a ruler that executes judgments against God’s enemies. The promised King will do just that and He will perfectly do it with justice. This is not something to fear, but rather it is cause for celebration!

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