Are you feeling bored with your devotions this fall? We are hearing this complaint from a lot people. It’s a sad reality, but it is true for so many Christians.

The problem is not the Bible – it really is a fantastic, mysterious, complex book full of hidden gems and insights for our life.

The problem is finding and using the right tools to discover these gems, to unearth them, and to appreciate them for all their brilliance.

To be clear: We don’t want to propose just another devotional book for you to buy this fall.

We want to encourage you to pick up the actual Bible, to spend time in its pages and use new ways of analysis to think deeper and go deeper in your knowledge and, more importantly, your enjoyment of God’s Word.

The Bible is both profound and fun! We just want to give you the tools to discover this for yourself.

So, join us this fall as we try these three new ways to study the Bible:
  1. Study the Metaphors in the Gospel Parables:
    1. Instead of reading straight through Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, why not look closely at the parables in all four of them?
    2. Bust out a pen and paper and jot down these references: Mark 4:1-20; Luke 10:25-37; Matthew 7:24-27; Mark 4:21-25; Luke 12:16-21; Matthew 25:1-13; Mark 4:26-29
    3. Now, study one parable each day for a week and, as you do, consider the metaphorical meanings of the images and words in each. (We’ll even give you a hint: the parables usually have to do with the Kingdom of God, so think about how these metaphors connect to this topic). You could make a list with two columns – in the first column, write down the words and images in the parable and, in the second column, consider its meanings.
    4. We are going to write ALOT about parables this month (September) at the Art of Taleh. So, make sure to subscribe to our email list (see the side bar on the right) and get our devotions and studies on these parables right in your inbox!


  1. Learn the Meaning of Dreams in the Bible:
    1. You’ve heard of Sigmund Freud, right? Well, long before Freud, there was a guy named Daniel and he interpreted a lot of dreams.
    2. We wrote a six-day devotional series on the meaning of dreams in Daniel 4. You can check them out here:
      1. Day 1:
      2. Day 2:
      3. Day 3:
      4. Day 4:
      5. Day 5:
      6. Day 6:
    3. Read one post per day and consider how God uses dreams to reveal new things about Himself – both for Daniel then and for you now.


  1. Understand the Secrets of Nature Imagery in Jonah:
    1. We want to let you in on a little secret: When you read a story in the Bible, the background descriptions of nature are not just superfluous details. They are full of hidden messages that, when unlocked, give you greater insight into the story.
    2. Want to learn about the meaning of nature imager in the Bible? We got just the thing for you.
    3. We wrote two six-day devotional series on nature imagery in Jonah (divided into Jonah 1-2 and then Jonah 3-4)
      1. Here is the start of the first devotional series:
      2. Here is the start of the second:
    4. You can do one devotion series per week and, when you’re done, see if you can apply what you learn to other passages in Scripture, like Genesis 11, Mark 4:35-41, Exodus 7-11, and Numbers 16 (particularly verse 32)
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