Our Story

Pastor Aaron and Dr. Michelle Reyes


We are Aaron and Michelle Reyes – a Pastor and a German professor, respectively – who are passionate about studying, analyzing, teaching and applying God’s Word to our lives.

  • Pastor 50%
  • Professor 50%
  • Church Planters 100%
  • Parents of a Toddler 100%

Our Education

Aaron has a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Chicago and Michelle has a Ph.D. in 18th-century German literature from the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Our Blog

In this blog, we have brought together our knowledge, talents and skills – Aaron as teacher of biblical history and theology and Michelle as a literary scholar – in order to study the Bible in new, provocative and creative ways.

Our Family

We have been married for over seven years and have an almost-two-year-old son, Azariah Akash, who we love with all our hearts. As a family, we enjoy working in our garden, playing football and soccer and taking long walks by the lake.

Our Church

We planted Church of the Violet Crown in Austin, TX in Summer 2014. We are a multicultural church. If you want to learn more about our church, go to: churchofthevioletcrown.com.