5 Ways to Teach and Pray the Psalms of Thanksgiving


Are you a Christian leader that wants to study, teach and pray through the Psalms? If so, this is the guide for you!

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Most Christians want to go deeper in their prayer life and many look to the Psalms for inspiration and guidance on how to do this. However, it’s not always easy knowing how to make the right connection between a psalm and your life.

That’s where this guide comes in…

We want to empower you as a Christian leader to better understand the Psalms for yourself, to have the right tools to study these prayers, to teach them and to use them as a model for your own prayers.

In this packet, we focus on the Psalms of Thanksgiving and give you access to:
* A Brief Overview of the Psalms of Thanksgiving
* A Road Map to Study Individual Psalms
* 2 Creative Activities for a Study Group
* A List of Reflection Questions
* A Guided Prayer Sheet

We hope this guide will be encouraging for both yourself and the people you disciple.

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