Is Christ sufficient in Himself to be our Savior? Or, is more required to meet our spiritual needs? Is Christ’s work on the cross sufficient to atone for our sins? Or, is more required to deal with our spiritual problem?

These are great questions because they get at the heart of most of our questions about Jesus. Is Jesus enough? Is He sufficient for your life? For my life? Is He sufficient to be the Savior of the world? Is He sufficient to atone for the sins of the world?

These questions were paramount for the Reformers. It is the question of Solus Christus. Now, as a reminder, the Five Solas are as follows: Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christus, and Soli Deo Gloria. And, in short, these Five Solas, these five tenets outline that the gospel is revealed in Scripture alone, is given by grace alone, is received by faith alone, is accomplished by Christ alone, and is for God’s glory alone.

Regarding Solus Christus, the Reformers returned to the Apostle Paul’s writings to highlight the uniqueness and sufficiency of Christ as mediator through passages like 1 Timothy 2. Turn to the passage and look at verse 5. How many mediators are there between God and humanity? One. Paul says there is only one mediator between God and humanity, and that person is Christ Jesus. He alone is sufficient because He both fully and fully human.

Therefore, if any human wants to come to God, they must go through Jesus alone (Solus Christus).

Moreover, Jesus is sufficient to be our mediator for all time. Unlike technology that is only sufficient for five years, Jesus has always been and will always be sufficient to be our mediator. We will never need another one. Jesus will never get too old.

So, brothers and sisters, friends, hear me out. You don’t need anyone else other than Jesus to come to God. You don’t need me, a priest, or any other Christian leader to come to God.  All you need is Jesus. He and He alone can bring you to God. You just call on the name of Jesus and He brings you to God, and that is awesome!

We can come to God when we’re all alone. We can come to God when we’re hurting. We can come to God when we have sinned. Wherever we are geographically and where we are spiritually, we can come to God through Jesus alone (Solus Christus).

And, on this matter, let me add: we don’t need to perform mystical practices in order to draw near to God. We don’t need to practice some form of deep, yoga meditation to have access to God. Don’t misunderstand me; Christian meditation is meaningful and useful. But, it’s not a requirement like many religions of the world.

Let me also make two brief comments: one about the office of priest and the other about praying to saints. These two comments pertain to what separates Protestants from the Catholic Church. First, nowhere in the New Testament are ministers of the gospel called priests. That is significant! In the New Testament, there is only one priest and His name is Jesus. So, He and He alone is the true priest that we need.

Second, concerning praying to saints. If you’ve wondered why Protestants don’t pray to saints, I’ll tell you why: we do not invoke saints to intercede for us because we have One in heaven who intercedes for us and that is Christ Jesus. Check out Romans 8:34. Christ Jesus alone (Solus Christus) intercedes for us.

So, again, Jesus alone is our sufficient mediator. To draw near to God, all that is needed is faith in Christ Jesus alone.
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