What is the Art of Taleh?

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Why Taleh?

Are you a Christian leader? Have you ever had someone ask you a Bible question that you couldn’t answer? Is it frustrating not knowing where to turn to find the answer?

Michelle and I, as a professor and pastor, respectively, hear these sorts of frustrations all the time. A small group leader is starting a study in Genesis and asks us, “Is the story of creation in Genesis just an allegory or did it really happen?”. A pastor is working through a sermon text and ponders, “When Jesus said we could cast mountains into the sea, did he mean that literally?”. A Christian leader is talking about the book of Revelation with a new believer, who wants to know “Is the beast in Revelation an actual, futuristic creature?”

That’s why we created the Art of Taleh.

Once you’ve completed a mini-study using the Taleh approach or go through a Leader’s Guide, you will be able to start thinking about that passage of Scripture more like a Bible expert guaranteed!

In our blog we offer a series of mini-studies on images, symbols, numbers and more in the Bible. Have a question about water motifs? Check out our posts on John. Have a question about the use of trees in prophesy? Check out our posts on Daniel and Isaiah. We also offer guides for leaders, Bible reading plans, brief social theologies and more.

We have three simple steps. We help people see three things in every passage of Scripture they read – its theology, its literary elements and its historical context. In short: T – L – H (or Taleh).

Once you can identify those three things in a passage, your understanding of that passage will go deeper than you could ever imagine!

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