In anticipation of Christmas, we are turning our attention to the promised birth of Jesus. Last week, we looked at the advent of Christ in Luke 1–2 and the significance of His arrival. This week, we observe two texts in Isaiah to learn more about how Jesus’s advent was prophesied. You see, we cannot know everything about Jesus’s birth, life and death by just studying the Gospels. The entire Old Testament points to His coming and all that He is and all that He will do. It is through studying and knowing the OT that we will learn more of who this little baby was that came to save us.

Our hope and prayer is that we all will gain a greater picture of advent this week: that we understand its long-awaited arrival from centuries past; that we recognize the important position of advent within a greater history; and that we understand our own relation to advent in the present day. But, most importantly, we desire that these elevated perspectives stir our affections all the more to worship God, to praise Him for His sovereignty and will, and to grow in our gratitude of what Christ came to fulfill.

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