So, let us ask you: Are you a foot-washing person? When we ask that, we don’t mean a literal foot washer. You see, Jesus is not simply calling for mere foot washing. If you haven’t caught on yet, foot washing is not the end goal for Jesus. Some churches have mistakenly gone to that extreme where they have made foot washing a sacrament of the church. Jesus’ challenge for His disciples is whether they will be the type of people who will humble themselves to serve others. Foot washing is merely just one practice of humility. You see, Jesus calls for an entire lifestyle of humility. Followers of Jesus must be defined by self-denying, others-focused humility. Followers of Jesus must be willing to humiliate themselves to serve others. That’s the type of humility Jesus wants.

Finally, consider these three questions as we now seek to apply this passage to our life:

1. Based on our study this week, how would you describe the purpose of foot washing and when should it be performed today?

  1. In many ways, foot washing is primarily an act of humility. However, if we are being honest, most Christians are not very humble. Why is that? What struggles do we have that hinder us from serving others humbly?

  2. Jesus’ act of foot washing is also a mirror to the future of the type of “foot washing” (i.e., death to self) that His disciples will soon experience. For those of us who are also believers, this is a call to us as well. What would that look like in the daily life of a believer?

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